Five Tips for Stripping Your Business’s Floors Effectively

If you want the floor of your shop to shine, you may occasionally want to strip off the existing wax, clean the floor and apply a new layer of mix. Stripping a floor can be time consuming and challenging, but with the right tips, you can handle it. Here are some essential tips to help: 1. Make sure you use the right type of stripper When choosing a stripping product for your floor, make sure that you choose a product that works with the type of floor you have. Read More 

Tips When Hiring Rug Cleaning Services

End of lease cleaning is a nightmare for every homeowner in Australia. However, if you want to have your bond back, you have to ensure the house is left clean. Some of the items that require thorough end of lease cleaning are rugs or carpets. Be it your own bought rog or one that came with the house when you leased it, keeping floor rugs clean is essential in every home. Read More 

Why a Clean Garbage Chute Is Important for Tenants

In many cases, the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining a garbage chute in privately owned buildings falls to the landlord. Although a receptacle for unwanted waste, it is important from the tenant's point of view that the chute works as it should and does not pose a risk to their health. Surprisingly, an improperly maintained garbage chute can pose more than one risk to a tenant. Here's why a clean and functioning garbage chute is important to your tenants and how to properly clean the chute. Read More