Ways to Win Your Battle Against Mould

Seeing patches of mould creep along the surfaces of your home is a worrying experience. The presence of mould suggests that a deeper problem is lurking elsewhere. Additionally, you may have concerns about how mould affects your health. Winning the battle against mould can be easy, though. Here's how to tackle it.

Discover the Source  

Although there are plenty of mould removal treatments available, the problem will return unless you tackle the source. In the majority of cases, this means identifying where dampness is coming from in your property and stopping it in its tracks. For example, if your windows allow too much condensation in during wet weather, mould has an opportunity to grow. Or, if your property is lacking in ventilation, it's creating the ideal opportunity for mould to flourish. If the cause isn't immediately obvious, ask a mould removal team to perform an assessment. Once you know where it's coming from, you can take steps towards stopping it.

Banish Obvious Growth

Until you tackle the cause of your mould, it's worth banishing any obvious growth. Mould looks unsightly, so it can leave you feeling as though your home is unclean. It can also exacerbate health conditions such as asthma, so it's in your interest to not allow spores to float around. An easy option is to purchase a spray that specifically tackles mould and follow the instructions. However, if you have bleach in your house or white vinegar, you can make solutions and avoid spending money on a niche product. One part of bleach to 10 parts water should prove effective. Or, one part vinegar to two parts water. Use the solution to scrub the area until you can't see any more mould. However, do remember that it may grow back and you're likely to need professional removal to stop it from happening again.

Take Preventative Measures

While you await professional assistance, you can also take preventative measures to back up your cleaning efforts. Removing humidity from the air is a particularly effective approach. If the mould is occurring in one room only, try a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers suck condensation from the air and reduce the likelihood of mould growth. If the weather is cool and wet, try leaving the heating on even if you're not using the room in question. Ventilation is also effective, so if you have air vents then make sure they're clear and able to perform their job well.

Ultimately, professional mould removal is the most effective approach for tackling your issue. With a combination of a removal team's efforts and yours, you can keep mould at bay.

For more info, contact a mould removal service.