Why Choose Green Cleaning for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs?

Green cleaning usually refers to cleaning methods and products that are as environmentally-friendly as possible, cutting down on toxic fumes and irritants while also reducing waste. When you're ready to shop around for a cleaning service for your office, warehouse, retail store or other such location, note a few questions you might have about green cleaning services and a few reasons to consider opting for green cleaning.

Doesn't green cleaning cost more?

Green cleaning can sometimes cost less than standard cleaning, as green products may be cheaper than other products. Green or environmentally-friendly products are often made with simple materials and raw ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, peroxide and alcohol, along with water. Companies who offer green cleaning services may even mix up their own products rather than buying commercially produced products. In turn, they may be able to pass along these cost savings to you; at the very least, don't automatically assume that green cleaning will be more expensive than any other type of cleaning.

How does green cleaning reduce waste?

Green cleaning usually involves few, if any, paper towels and other items that are just tossed away after use. Many green cleaners will also buy paper towels that are made from recycled materials when needed. This means keeping waste out of landfills and reducing the virgin materials harvested to create the disposable products. Also, if a green cleaning service makes its own cleaning products, they may be able to reuse their containers for those products, also reducing waste and the need for new plastic containers to be made.

What are other advantages of green cleaning?

You may see obvious advantages to reducing waste in landfills, but there are other advantages to using natural or green products for cleaning. One advantage is that materials like baking soda and vinegar do not release the same harmful and irritating fumes as does bleach and other harsh cleaners. Your workers won't be as bothered by the smell of these cleaners and may be able to breathe better every day.

A green cleaning company may also offer suggestions for how to be more environmentally friendly in the office every day; this might include switching to hand dryers and removing towels from the restrooms to reduce waste, and using real coffee mugs that can be cleaned rather than Styrofoam cups that are tossed out. They may also suggest motion detectors on the lights and switching your electrical equipment to a timer so it shuts down in the evenings and doesn't use so much electricity.