3 Reasons You Need to Clean Your Office Carpet

Many business owners invest a lot of money in setting up their office space but overlook the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance. Carpet cleaning is one service your company cannot afford to go without, as it brings big benefits to your office. Here are three reasons to invest in regular carpet cleaning.

1. More Productive Workers

Asthma and allergies can have a big impact on productivity at work. Dirty carpets can be a major trigger for people who suffer from these conditions. Carpets also provide a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and fungus. These can cause respiratory irritation, leaving your workers coughing, sneezing and unable to concentrate on their work.

Regular vacuuming can remove some of the contaminants that get trapped in carpet, but it is not completely effective at eliminating all of them. Professional carpet cleaning uses heat and chemical cleaning products to kill bacteria and fungi that have taken up residence in your office carpet, creating a healthier environment for all. Promote employee health by scheduling regular carpet cleanings for your business.

2. Happier Environment

Coming to an office where the carpet is dirty, faded and dusty can be depressing. By investing in carpet cleaning, you show your employees that you care about their wellbeing. A clean carpet also smells a lot better than a dirty one, which can help to reduce complaints from employees about strange odours in the workplace.

Cleaning your carpet regularly is particularly important if some of your employees smoke or have pets. These people can bring in pet hair and odours on their clothes, which infuse into the carpet to leave the office smelling stale. Show all your employees that you care about their comfort by scheduling regular professional carpet cleanings to keep the office smelling good.

3. Longer Lasting Carpets

Some business owners do not want to invest in carpet cleaning because they see it as an additional cost. However, carpet cleaning can extend the life of the carpet, thereby reducing the frequency with which you have to replace your office flooring.

Professional carpet cleaning removes dust, grit and other debris from your carpet, therefore reducing the amount of abrasion that the fibres experience every time someone walks on the carpet. Not only is your office cleaner and fresher when you invest in regular carpet cleaning, but it also allows you to go for longer before you need to purchase new carpet.