Top Tips for Your New Online Used-Clothing Business – Cleaning Your Stock

Selling used clothing can be a lucrative home business if you manage it well. A positive feedback rating is essential when it comes to expanding a business on sites like eBay. To ensure that your business flourishes, there are many things you can do. One of them is making sure that the items you sell arrive smelling clean and fresh. Unclean garments can result in negative feedback and deter others from buying from you. If you're starting a business selling clothes, these tips on cleaning clothing are for you.

Washing Machine Cleaning

Many of the clothes you'll sell will probably be suitable for standard machine washing. If you have a significant amount to wash and would rather not do this at home, consider contacting a local laundromat to arrange a service wash. If you're expecting to send them large quantities of clothing regularly, it's worth attempting to negotiate a discount and a collection/delivery service. While you want to ensure your garments smell clean, you should consider just what cleaning products you'll use — not everybody likes strong smelling fabric softeners. It may be a good idea to use non-biological washing products if you're selling baby clothing. If you use an eco-friendly laundry product, add this information to your listing.

Dry Cleaning

Some clothes are only suitable for dry cleaning. Dry cleaning services are ideal for suits, coats, suede, leather and items made of delicate materials. If you're selling a lot of these types of clothes, consider forming an alliance with a local dry cleaning service and negotiating a discount for the regular cleaning of garments. Some dry cleaners may even offer a collection and delivery service, saving you precious time going back and forth.

Steam Cleaning

If you'd like to save some money on dry cleaning, consider steam cleaning at home. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a DIY steam kit. These kits come with the essential items needed to dry clean clothes with ease. Stains are pre-treated with an included stain remover, and the garment is placed in an included bag with dryer-activated cloths that then goes into your dryer for the recommended time, usually 15 to 30 minutes. I

f you plan to sell a lot of garments that will need to be dry cleaned, then it could be worth investing in a specialist garment steamer. These can be purchased for a very affordable amount. Not only will the garment steamer clean clothes, it will also press them, saving you time ironing products. Creases in leather can often be removed with gentle steaming. However, a steamer may not be suitable for suede.