Tips When Hiring Rug Cleaning Services

End of lease cleaning is a nightmare for every homeowner in Australia. However, if you want to have your bond back, you have to ensure the house is left clean. Some of the items that require thorough end of lease cleaning are rugs or carpets. Be it your own bought rog or one that came with the house when you leased it, keeping floor rugs clean is essential in every home.

Rug cleaning can be a tedious chore which luckily, you do not have to undertake on your own. There are many companies offering rug cleaning services. Before hiring one, you should consider a few factors:

Preferred cleaning method

There are various methods used in cleaning rugs. You need to determine the most suitable one for you before hiring cleaning services. The most common methods are;

  • Steam cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, steam clinic involves pressurized hot water into the carpet. The hot water effectively loosens the dirt, after which, a cleaning machine is used to draw the water and moisture away. Steam cleaning requires longer drying time for the rug.

  • Shampooing

In this method, a foamy chemical is sprinkled generously on the carpet and scrubbed using a motorized circular brush. Since there is no extraction of dirt as with steam cleaning, the rug must be thoroughly vacuumed to remove the soil and residue. The rug will also take longer to dry using this method.

  • Dry cleaning

This method of rug cleaning uses no water. An absorbent chemical product is sprinkled on the rug, and then a mechanized brush used to dissolve the soil. The residue is then drawn up by commercial vacuum cleaning equipment. This method allows faster drying of the rug compared to steam cleaning and shampooing.

Before hiring a cleaning company, you should confirm they have the necessary cleaning equipment and solutions for your preferred method. The chemical cleaning agents used should be approved by the rugs' manufacturers and environmental friendly.

Thorough research

It is important to investigate all prospective companies before hiring one for rug cleaning services. Credibility of the company and its employers is a very essential factor. Remember, you will be letting strangers into your home. Only hire a company that screens its employees and conducts criminal background checks. A good company should also be able to compensate for any damage caused by their employees during the cleaning process.

Cost of services

In as much as you may want to save money, the cheapest company may not offer the best cleaning services. Make the decision based on quality first and then consider price as a secondary option. However, get a quote on the price to be charged by the cleaning company and have them tell you the services included in the quote. Extra services such as moving furniture before and after rug cleaning might cost you more.

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