How to Effectively Manage the Cleaning of Your Commercial Office

When you manage a commercial office, you want to ensure it's always clean and presentable so that you present a comfortable and welcoming environment for visitors and staff. The appearance of your office reflects your company, after all. That environment also affects the productivity of your workers; a grubby, unkempt office space can make workers feel discouraged and even irritated, causing productivity to slow. To ensure your commercial office always looks its best, note a few tips for effectively managing this in your facility.

Know what needs to be cleaned

If you don't know how to ensure the cleanliness of a facility, work with a commercial cleaning company and ask their advice. They will probably know what surfaces and areas are most visible to visitors and workers and which ones may then need more attention than others.  They can also point out areas that you may overlook every day, such as the receptionist counter in the front office or visitor restrooms. A good cleaning company can help you create a list of areas that need cleaning every week, every month, and so on, so that your facility looks its best.

Staff involvement

It's never good to expect your staff to handle office cleaning, as they have better things to do with their time than mop the restroom floors! However, having your staff keep their own work spaces clean can make the entire office look neat and presentable. Encourage your workers to use electronic copies of documents so papers are not stacked on their desk, and note if certain staff members are especially untidy, and help them keep their area free of clutter. Set down guidelines for how the employee kitchen is kept; don't allow staff to simply put dirty dishes in a sink and leave them there, for example. These few simple steps can ensure the office always looks clean and presentable.

Do a spring and winter clean

Just like your residential home, it can be good to do a very thorough spring and winter cleaning of the office. Work with your cleaning company to list items that should be addressed during this special cleaning; this might mean shampooing the carpeting, deep cleaning bathroom floor tiles, cleaning the light fixtures, having windows washed and the like. By scheduling these heavy-duty jobs to be done at least once or twice throughout the year, this will ensure the office always looks its best and is as clean as possible.